On a personal note, I just wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been up to:

Open Source

The past four months have been dedicated to working full time on
Broccoli (blog
), thanks to
some savings from my previous consulting gigs, combined with moderate living

In retrospect, taking time off to write Broccoli was clearly worth it. I went
one month over my original budget of three months, but people’s enthusiastic
reactions at EmberConf have convinced me that I solved a worthwhile problem,
and that writing Broccoli will pay off in productivity increases across the
community. Personally, having Broccoli will help me with the upcoming work on
my business, and writing it has helped me become a better developer.

Starting a week from now, I will scale my open-source work back to part time,
to about 1–2 hours per day. There is still work to be done on Broccoli as well
as related projects like ember-cli, but it doesn’t require full-time
commitment from me anymore.

Building better community is another thing I’m planning to dedicate some time
to. I will blog about this soon.

My vague expectation is that in a year or so, I will find another worthwhile
problem to solve, and take some time off in a similar fashion. In the
meantime, it is time for me to work on my business.

Business: Solitr


Solitr started off as a weekend project, but then I
noticed it started getting actual traffic. I knew that the highest-ranked site
for “solitaire” gets over 100k daily
, so
I figured that with ad-monetization alone, there’s probably a business there.

Since then, traffic to Solitr has risen to 4000 daily visits (mostly through
ranking for niche keywords), even though I haven’t been able to work much on
it so far. Some testing with AdSense indicates that I can start paying the
rent with it. That’s not much, but it feels quite liberating. It also makes me
confident that once the search ranking improves, I can have a viable business.

My plan is to hit 100k daily visitors by the end of 2015. Getting there will
require some SEO work, both on the main keyword (“solitaire”) and long tail
for niche keywords and i18n.

A/B Testing

I also want to learn A/B testing, in parallel to the SEO work. A/B testing
requires many data points to yield statistically significant results. Running
a free-to-play game presents a unique opportunity to get my hands dirty, as I
get a ludicrous number of data points very early in my business – the kind of
data that with a SaaS business you would only get at significant scale.

My role model for this is Patrick McKenzie
– my Solitr is approximately equivalent to his Bingo Card Creator – and his
extensive blogging has been of immeasurable value to me. I hope to pay it
forward by being open about Solitr and blogging about my adventures with A/B
testing in a similar vein.

I view the A/B testing work mostly as paid-for education. Perhaps I can
monetize it a bit by selling boutique consulting like Patrick. But more
importantly, I’ll have a valuable tool for scaling businesses in my
professional skill set. If I start a business in the future (say a B2B SaaS)
and it gets traction, I’m hoping that data-driven tools like A/B testing will
allow me to scale it and realize returns much faster than I’d be able to

That’s all for now. See you all soon, on Twitter and GitHub!

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