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Highlights include: a massive release for JRuby, a promising beta for Phusion Passenger 4.0, the announcement of a ‘feature freeze’ for Ruby 2.0, the Rails Rumble 2012 results, and just what did the Rails Rumble winners use to power their apps?


Ruby 2.0.0 ‘Feature Freeze’ Announced
Right on schedule, the core Ruby team have announced a ‘feature freeze’ for the forthcoming Ruby 2.0. All this means for now is that no features not already approved by matz will make it into 2.0.0.

JRuby 1.7.0 Released; Gets 1.9.3 Support as Default

Working with TCP Sockets: Jesse Storimer’s New Ruby E-Book
Jesse Storimer (‘Working with Unix Processes’) has released his latest book, Working with TCP Sockets. Read More

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