Bye bye Classic !

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As we know, in this time one of the “Popular” brand is apple has a lot of products in their company. The best one product is iPod for people whose love and like to hearing sing a song their also needed this gadget. The iPod Classic, the (relatively) big and riggid version of Apple’s music player that represented the straightest line back to its original form, was quietly removed from the company’s line-up on Tuesday.

Is the Apple Watch a game-changer?

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The signs had been there for a while. Since 2009, Apple hadn’t updated the Classic and had quit mentioning it, even at iPod-specific events. But some lover still love it. Although it doesn’t have the touchscreens of new models like the Touch and is downright huge in comparison with the sleek Nano and miniscule Shuffle, the Classic packed a whopping 160 GB of storage. According to the analyze,that’s enough to hold 40,000 songs.

Hands-on with the new Apple Watch

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On social media, users were reacting with real emotion, bidding farewell to a “good buddy” and “old friend.” To some, it was perhaps a bit of nostalgia, losing the only remaining iPod that bears a resemblance to the original and other early models. For others, it was about the utility of the thing. Sure, it’s bigger and bulkier. But it holds 40,000 songs! The topic “Farewell #iPodClassic,” wrote London tech consultant Phillip Downer on Twitter. “Replacing a device that does one thing supremely well with multiple gadgets doing multiple things quite well.”Take a look at our gallery above, which looks back at the Classic and other iPod models through the years. Bye, Classic! You were created, without question and become one of the best portable music players ever, your service will be remembered by “Your Lover.”

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