Testing iOS UI code with Kiwi

At TaskRabbit, we use automated testing in iOS,
Android, and web projects. When I first was talking to Julian about joining
TaskRabbit, I got super excited when I heard they were testing the iPhone app.
Testing wasn’t so popular in the iOS community at the time (not that this has

When I first started, the team was using
Cedar as a testing framework. I had used
Kiwi in past projects and was hooked. Kiwi is a treat to work with, is written
purely Objective-C and is built on top of SenTestKit/XCTest – check it out
here. We ended up switching to Kiwi to test
the app and the result has been nothing but positive.

Testing iOS UI code isn’t always so straightforward and requires special
considerations, so I wanted to share some techniques that we are using to make
testing more enjoyable.

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