Rails prides itself on sane defaults, but also provides hooks for customizing the framework by providing Ruby blocks in your configuration files. Most of this code begins and ends its life simply and innocuously. Sometimes, however, it grows. Maybe it’s only 3 or 4 lines, but chances are they define important behavior.

Pretty soon, you’re going to want some tests. But while testing models and controllers is a well-established practice, how do you test code that’s tucked away in an initializer? Is there such thing as an initializer test?

No, not really. But that’s ok. Configuration or DSL-style code can trick us into forgetting that we have the full arsenal of Ruby and OO practices at our disposal. Let’s take a look at a common idiom found in initialization code and how we might write a test for it.

Configuring Asset Hosts

Asset host configuration often start as a simple String…

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