The myth is something that exists in many areas, including the technology field. Many people believe the myth in technology Field, when in fact the myth is a hoax. Probably due to lack of knowledge or because the number of people who say that over time the myth is believed to be a truth.

Therefore, to avoid these things, We will be reviewed 4 misleading myths that exist in the world of technology.Hopefully after reading this article you’re no longer believe in these myths.

  • Computer is slow Due to Full RAM

It’s been familiar if we hear complaints that computer, smartphone, or tablet becomes slow because of the RAM is being consumed, so many people who looking for ways to be able save the RAM usage. When in fact the RAM is the fast component, thus accelerating the work of a computer.
Who made the computer slowing is the hard drive or other storage media. How could that be?

By putting the required data on the RAM, the computer can improve access time to the data so that the performance will be faster. Therefore, if RAM is constantly emptied, then the RAM will not be useful at all.

This also applies to smartphones and Android tablets. Applications running in the background indeed can negatively affect performance, but it is not caused by RAM. This was caused by background applications that store data in the internal memory or SD card. Therefore, if you feel your smartphone becomes faster after cleaning the background applications, it is because the existing application data in internal and external memory are also cleared.

  • Removing USB Drive carelessly Will Erase The data

It has been a long time Windows warns its users not to remove the USB drive before disabling it from the operating system. Because these warnings, many people who consider it a dangerous thing can even erase the data in it.

In fact, you will not have any issues when unplugging a USB drive without ejecting it first. Even your USB drive will not have any problems even if you do it hundreds times. The only thing you should not do is unplug the USB drive when you’re transferring data or open a file that is in the USB Drive. Because, it can damage the data you have.

  • You Do not Need Antivirus If you Careful When Using your Computer

Many say you don’t have to use the antivirus when you never copy the data from other people flash drives. It is probably true when you said it 10 years ago. The problem today, not just a computer virus derived from the files alone, but can spread through a network, or through vulnerabilities in the browser and software that you have.

Therefore, how careful you use the computer, you should still use an antivirus because the spread of the virus is also becoming more sophisticated.

  • Mobile and Electronic Equipment Can Cause Cancer

Many believe that the radiation generated by cell phones can lead to cancer in humans. This is also supported by the statement of the WHO (World Health Organization) claimed that the phone is a “Class B carcinogen”. But you need to know, Class B is very weak, even a study in Denmark that involves around 350 thousand people claimed that the phone is not harmful to humans.
It is of course also applies to a wide range of other electronic goods such as computers, tablets, televisions, and others. All the goods will not be issuing radiation will cause cancer.

In the world of physics and medicine also mentioned the radiation consists of various types, and radiation to be concerned about is the radiation would damage human DNA. One of the dangers is ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the sun. The rays can cause skin cancer and has a power of about 400 thousand more powerful than the radiation released by the mobile phone. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about bad effects that would cause.

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