Today we’re proud to announce that we’re bringing Code Climate more in line with how many of you work — you can now see how each change affects the quality and security of your code before it’s merged into master. You no longer have to wait until a security vulnerability is in master before eradicating it from your code base. If you use feature branches, you can ensure the quality is up to your team’s standards before merging. When reviewing a refactoring, you can easily visualize the impact to the codebase on a single page.

In short, you can merge with confidence. Create a Code Climate account start getting analysis of your Pull Requests right now.

There are three new, key features that work together to make this possible:

  • GitHub Pull Request integration
  • Compare view
  • Branch analysis

Let’s look at each of them.

GitHub Pull Request integration

We’re happy to announce that Code Climate will automatically analyze your GitHub Pull Requests. Simply open a Pull Request and Code Climate will inform GitHub when our analysis is ready for you (if you’ve used or seen Travis CI’s build status on GitHub, we use the same exact mechanism):

Pull Request Support

Branch testing and Pull Request support is included in all our currently offered plans at the Team level and above. We’ll be rolling this feature out to incrementally over the next few days, and we will let you know when it’s activated for your account.

Note: Due to some technical considerations around analyzing cross-repo PRs, supporting Pull Requests for our free-for-OSS repos will take some extra time but is high on our list.

Compare view

Once we’ve finished analyzing your pull request/branch, you’ll be able to see the results in our new Compare view. It’s a focused representation of the important changes in your branch. You’ll see the overall change to your repo’s GPA, how your classes or files grades have changed and where code smells have been fixed, introduced or gotten worse:

New Compare View

Branch analysis

Even if you don’t use GitHub Pull Requests, you can start getting feedback on your branches immediately. Start by clicking on the new “Branches” tab for each of your repositories:

Code Climate for Branches

Push the “Analyze” button for any branches you care about, briefly sit tight, and within a few minutes the “View Comparison” button will be available to send you to a Compare view.

First-class Pull Request support has been our most requested feature over the last year, and we’re thrilled to be delivering it to you. We’ve been using these new features while we’ve been building them (I know, very meta) and we’re really enjoying the quicker feedback loop.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have. We’d love to hear what you think!

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