We’re super excited to have our open static analysis platform featured as an official integration in GitHub’s new Integrations Directory.

Kyle Daigle, platform developer at GitHub, had this to say:

“We launched the Integrations Directory to help our users find and install their favorite developer tools. Code Climate is a great example of a partner that improves code quality for our users and is tightly integrated with GitHub”

Our integration automatically scans your PRs for code quality and security issues. After you open a PR, we update its status in GitHub, as seen below. Our status update includes a direct link back to the relevant branch comparison page, giving you a detailed analysis of how the PR branch compares to your default branch.

We also automatically check for consistent style, eliminating the need for your team to review this manually. In fact, your team standards will be enforced on every commit — your Pull Request will be marked “failed” if any new checks are found — ensuring consistency across your codebase.

For GitHub users, adding Code Climate integration is the not-so-secret-sauce for your Pull Request workflow. We’ve always made it easy to connect your GitHub account to Code Climate, and with the launch of GitHub’s Integrations Directory the reverse is true as well. Just head over to our listing and click the big “Add to GitHub” button.

Do you use GitHub Enterprise? Awesome! Code Climate Enterprise also offers seamless integration entirely behind your firewall.

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