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Sinatra and Kaminari without any views and without padrino-helpers gem

If you have an app that doesn’t have any views (for example it only responds with JSON) you still may want to use excellent Kaminari gem for paginating big data sets. Unfortunately even when you work only with JSON and you don’t need any views helpers, you will still get this warning: so to get […]

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State Machine gem and Rails (ActiveModel) 4.1 – NoMethodError – protected method ‘around_validation’ called for StateMachine

State machine is a great gem, unfortunately it’s not working with Rails 4.1. If you upgrade your app and try to use it, you’ll end up with following error: Here’s a fix. Just put it into your initializers: Note: It works also for any non-Rails, ActiveModel based apps.

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Multiple Sidekiq processes for multiple Rails/Sinatra applications – namespacing

Sidekiq is a great background processing tool that can be used with many applications deployed on the same server. In order to make it work without any issues or collisions, you need to define namespace for each Sidekiq process group within single application. To do so, you need to create an initializer that will contain […]

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Testing Sinatra application methods in isolation with RSpec

Sometimes you may want to test some Sinatra app methods in isolation (outside of a standard request flow). You probably even tried to do something like this: Unfortunately you will end up with error like this: This will occur, because Sinatra’s App new method creates a Sinatra::Wrapper, not an App instance. Of course everything will […]

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Ruby (Rails, Sinatra) background processing – Reentrancy for your workers is a must be!

Background processing is a must-be in any bigger project. There’s no way to process everything in a lifetime of a single request. It’s such common, that I venture to say that each and every one of us made at least one background worker. Today I would like to tell you a bit about reentrancy. What […]

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