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Running GitLab 7.1 using Puma instead of a Unicorn

Warning Warning! Before you do this, please read why you should’nt: why did gitlab 6 switch back to unicorn? So now, when let’s get started… Gemfile updates Nothing special here. Just add: and then: Puma config Create a puma.rb file in your gitlab config dir and copy/paste this: and At this point, you should be […]

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Allowing user to set environment variable with sudo

I encountered the following error today while installing a few packages on a ubuntu server using a sudo user. “sudo: sorry, you are not allowed to set the following environment variables: DEBIAN_FRONTEND” The command I ran was: “sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install -qy git-core” I did search on google and did’nt find any direct answer for  [ Read More ]

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