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Important information about our Elixir and Ruby Open Source projects

You may have heard that Nubank has acqui-hired Plataformatec. Plataformatec has been working with Nubank over the past few months and Nubank saw great value on the practices and expertise shown by our teams. According to Nubank leaders, Plataformatec consultants have provided restructured rituals and new working agreements to its teams, and also brought improvements … »

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[ActiveRecord] Get a polymorphic owner class out of the owned object

The question is: how can we retrieve a owners class of a polymorphic association without loading the owner object into memory? Solution There are (at least) two ways to do this. First one is not recommended (as it might fail with multiple namespaces with same class names, etc: or a better one that will work […]

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Karafka (Ruby + Kafka framework) 0.5.0 release details

I’m proud to announce that we’ve released a new shiny version of Karafka: Framework used to simplify Apache Kafka based Ruby applications development. In this article I will cover all the important changes and new features that you will be able to use. Karafka? But what is it? Karafka provides a higher-level abstraction than raw […]

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Grill.rb 2016 – Poland’s first outdoor conference review

It’s about time to summarize some of the conferences that I’ve recently attended to. This post will be about Grill.rb that organizers claim to be “Poland’s first outdoor conference”. I was quite skeptical about that claim, but after I couldn’t find any other Poland’s outdoor conferences, I must admit that :). And as many “first […]

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Ruby on Rails, Mysql2::Error: Incorrect string value: ‘\xF0\x9F\x99\x82’ and Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes

If you get error like this one: it means that you use verion of Mysql with settings that does not support full Unicode. Changing that in Ruby on Rails should be fairly simple: However you might encounter following error: 767 bytes is the stated prefix limitation for InnoDB tables. To fix that you need to: […]

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Trailblazer + Devise: Integrating Devise validatable model with Trailblazer operation + error propagation

Devise is one of those gems that are tightly bound to the Rails stack. It means that as long as you follow the “Rails way” and you do things the recommended way, you should not have any problems. However, Trailblazer is not the recommended way and the way it works, not always makes it painless […]

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