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Errbit + HTTPS: Setting up Errbit reporter (Airbrake v5 gem) to work with self-signed HTTPS certificate

Note: If you’re using old Errbit version (0.2.0, 0.4.0) and an old Airbrake version (v4) please refer to this manual to make it work with self-signed certificates. Having an error catcher like Errbit behind SSL is generally a good idea. Especially when Errbit is hosted on a different server than you application (for example when […]

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Ruby 2.3.0 changes and features

Ruby 2.3.0-preview1 has been released. Let’s see what new features we’re getting this time: Table of content Frozen string literals Safe navigation operator Did you mean Hash Comparison Hash#dig and Array#dig Number #negative? and #positive? Hash#to_proc Hash#fetch_values Enumerable#grep_v Conclusions Frozen string literals If you like reviewing gems, you could often find something like that: Did […]

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