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Ruby programmers/project managers/CEOs Y U NO enforce code quality?

Introduction This post is a result of recent events with one of the companies that I work with. Sometimes, I help people because I want, sometimes because they pay me, mostly both ;). This time I’ve been helping one company decide on how to outsource their software development. They have many applications, some of them […]

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Errbit + HTTPS: Setting up Errbit reporter (Airbrake gem) to work with self-signed HTTPS Errbit

Having an error catcher like Errbit behind SSL is generally a good idea. Especially when Errbit is hosted on a different server than you application (for example when you manage multiple apps with one Errbit instance). In many cases you will have a self-signed certificate (why would you pay for a cert for internal tool). […]

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Rack/Ruby on Rails: ArgumentError: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8

# Quick test – just copy-paste this: ?%28t%B3odei%29 into your app url – if app crashes, you should read stuff below ;) If you’re here, than probably you’ve encountered this weird issue: you might even have a backtrace like this: First of all, this issue is not super-important. It’s not a security issue as well. […]

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