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Running GitLab 7.1 using Puma instead of a Unicorn

Warning Warning! Before you do this, please read why you should’nt: why did gitlab 6 switch back to unicorn? So now, when let’s get started… Gemfile updates Nothing special here. Just add: and then: Puma config Create a puma.rb file in your gitlab config dir and copy/paste this: and At this point, you should be […]

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Nginx (and Puma behind) maintenance mode for Rack/Rails applications with Capistrano

Same for Apache + Passenger: Apache (Passenger) Maintenance mode for Ruby on Rails application with Capistrano There is a time, when we need to switch our apps into maintenance mode. Maybe it is because of some data processing stuff, maybe because of backups, deployment or whatever good reason you might have. To be honest it […]

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