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Grill.rb 2016 – Poland’s first outdoor conference review

It’s about time to summarize some of the conferences that I’ve recently attended to. This post will be about Grill.rb that organizers claim to be “Poland’s first outdoor conference”. I was quite skeptical about that claim, but after I couldn’t find any other Poland’s outdoor conferences, I must admit that :). And as many “first […]

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Extend the Web Forward

If we want to move the web forward, we must increase our ability as web developers to extend it with new features. For years, we’ve grabbed the browsers extension points with two hands, not waiting for the browser vendors to gift us with new features. We built selector engines, a better DOM API, cross-domain requests, […]

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Follow Me to Google+

I wrote my first post on this blog in January 2007. In 2007, this blog was the easiest way I had to write my thoughts down for people who cared to read them. I wrote long posts and short post (but mostly long posts). I wrote deeply technical posts. I wrote proposals. I wrote introductory […]

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Tokaido: My Hopes and Dreams

A few weeks ago, I started a kickstarter project to fund work on a project to make a long-term, sustainable binary build of Ruby. The outpouring of support was great, and I have far exceeded my original funding goal. First, I’d like to thank everyone in the community who contributed large and small donations. This kickstarter […]

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