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Grill.rb 2016 – Poland’s first outdoor conference review

It’s about time to summarize some of the conferences that I’ve recently attended to. This post will be about Grill.rb that organizers claim to be “Poland’s first outdoor conference”. I was quite skeptical about that claim, but after I couldn’t find any other Poland’s outdoor conferences, I must admit that :). And as many “first […]

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Exceptions should not be expected – stop using them for control flow (or any other logic handling) in Ruby

If your exceptions aren’t exceptions but expectations, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s an example what programmers tend to do: I’ve seen also few cases, when exceptions parameters were used to pass objects that the programmer was later on working with! As you can see, the whole flow of this piece of code is handled with […]

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ActiveRecord count vs length vs size and what will happen if you use it the way you shouldn’t

One of the most common and most deadly errors you can make: using length instead of count. You can repeat this multiple times, but you will always find someone who’ll use it the way it shouldn’t be used. So, first just to make it clear: #count – collection.count Counts number of elements using SQL query […]

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