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Karafka (Ruby + Kafka framework) 0.5.0 release details

I’m proud to announce that we’ve released a new shiny version of Karafka: Framework used to simplify Apache Kafka based Ruby applications development. In this article I will cover all the important changes and new features that you will be able to use. Karafka? But what is it? Karafka provides a higher-level abstraction than raw […]

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Ruby: Karafka framework 0.4 – Routing engine

We’ve finally released a new version of Karafka framework. Apart from many tweaks and bug fixes it contains three huge improvements: ApplicationWorker and ApplicationController Routing engine Offset commit after data processing (not only after fetching) In this article I will focus on the routing engine. Pre-routing times First version of Karafka framework routed incoming messages […]

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Benchmarking Karafka – how does it handle multiple TCP connections

Recently I’ve released a Ruby Apache Kafka microframework, however I don’t expect anyone to use it without at least a bit information on what it can do. Here are some measurements that I took. How Karafka handles multiple TCP connections Since listening to multiple topics require multiple TCP connections it is pretty obvious that in […]

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