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OKR: lições aprendidas para você começar a aplicá-lo de forma efetiva

Depois do sucesso do livro Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs de John Doerr, praticamente toda organização vem buscando utilizar OKR como forma de desdobrar seus objetivos e medir os avanços dos resultados. Assim como qualquer modelo, framework ou ferramenta, existe uma tendência natural das pessoas acreditarem que o artefato … »

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Kanban Certification

IBQMI® Kanban Certification Keeping ahead of the competition in the business market has become an essential goal for companies. Many industries are saturated and competition is not only becoming tougher but closer. Kanban at a glance Kanban brings inventory levels and actual consumption side by side. The process is designed to produce an indicator that […]

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Case Study of a WIP Limit Implementation: Why, When and How to use WIP Limits

When you are learning about Kanban, one of the first things you hear is “always limit WIP, you should”, or a less Yoda-ish version of it. But when you decide that you will indeed use WIP limits and google “WIP Limits for dummies”, you won’t discover any walkthroughs or easy-to-implement equations to discover what limit … »

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