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ActiveRecord isolated, namespaced scopes and methods using instance_exec and ActiveSupport::Concern

Rails concerns are a really good way to provide shared functionalities into your models. For example you can add scopes and then apply them in multiple classes: One of the downsides of this solution is a “models pollution”. Every model in which we want to include our module, will get all the methods and scopes […]

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Upgrading to Rails 4.1 from Rails 4.0 – Ruby on Rails

Upgrading to Ruby on Rails 4.1 was much easier than moving from 3.2 to 4.0. Maybe because I try to keep all the apps up-2-date, maybe because Rails guys didn’t change much stuff ;) (or maybe both). Either way, lets get through it. Paperclip – String based terminators are deprecated, please use a lambda Well […]

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