Ship You a Haskell

With the release of a recent feature on the blog, we can now say something we’ve hoped to say for some time: we shipped Haskell to production! In this post, I’ll outline what we shipped, how it’s working out for us, and provide some solutions to the various hurdles we encountered.

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Applicative Options Parsing in Haskell

<p>I’ve just finished work on a small command line <a href="">client</a> for the
<a href="">Heroku Build API</a> written in Haskell. It may be a bit overkill for
the task, but it allowed me to play with a library I was very interested
in but hadn’t had a chance to use yet: <a href="">optparse…</a></p>

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Thinking in Types

<p>A colleague of mine was stuck attempting to do something in Haskell that seemed
conceptually simple but resulted in a type error. While a particular form of
polymorphism, common in object-oriented languages, translated very well to
Haskell, a related…</p>

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