Swift Sequences

<p>We’re incredibly excited about the new <a href="http://developer.apple.com/swift">Swift</a> programming language announced
by Apple at this year’s WWDC. As a way of experimenting, we’ve begun looking
into what it would be like if we rewrote <a href="https://github.com/thoughtbot/liftoff">Liftoff</a>, our command line Xcode
project generation/configuration…</p>

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Liftoff 1.0

<p>Way back in January of 2013, we <a href="http://robots.thoughtbot.com/opinionated-settings-for-app-development-in-xcode">released Liftoff</a> to help
developers quickly configure Xcode projects. We used it heavily internally,
but felt like it was only solving part of the problem. So we’ve improved it,
and are proud to announce Liftoff 1.0…</p>

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