In my previous article here I mentioned a few applications that will help to boost your productivity. Right now I will continue to give you some recommendations about Android applications that you should have in your Android device.

  • Evernote
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    With everything that you can do in cloud right now, it is a pity if you can’t take the advantage of technology from your mobile device. If you have a lot of documents that you can’t forget to bring everywhere, don’t hesitate to try Evernote mobile version as you can also access on your PC/Laptop. Evernote will help you to take notes, create notebooks and add tags for every notes, so it makes easy to organize. You can put PDF Files, pictures, voice, clip the important notes you found in the internet and send it directly to your Evernote.

  • CamScanner
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    CamScanner to be the number one document scanning and sharing app. With CamScanner you will be able to scan documents and images with your mobile phone, make it easy to share and get feedback on anything you’re working on. Simply take a picture of your document or image and it will crop automatically. The app also can extract the image into the text. You can save it into PDF file, send it through email or other applications in your phone and it directly from your phone!

  • Universal Password Manager
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    The application will help you to store your password and username from every web or application that you have in your mobile phone. If you have too much various password and you’re have problem remembering every password you have, you don’t have to be worried, this application will help you. The only thing you have to do is give one master password to make it secure, and voila..! You can access all your private webs/apps easy without entering different password :-)

  • Drop Box
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    Drop box is a free cloud storage service that offers you to bring all your documents, pictures, or videos everywhere without spending any memory on your mobile device or PC, and also it makes you easy to access everywhere whether through your phone or from your laptop/PC. You can send the documents from dropbox to your colleagues, family or friend by email, or save the attachment from email to your dropbox.

  • Office Suite 7

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    Office suite 7 is the world’s no.1 mobile office editor for android. This application allows you to convert PDF files to word format or excel format. You will be able to view, create and edit documents with rich features that this application have. With full compatibility with microsoft formats to support your mobility.

  • Receipts
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    If you are difficult to manage your invoice and track down your outcome, this application is just the perfect application that will help you to keep and manage the invoice digitally. By taking a picture of your receipts and generate expense report into PDF files, and you can also have monthly spending report to track down your expenses.

  • Clean Master

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    To be honest, clean master helps me a lot to reduce all the junks and caches on my phone. Not only that, it also help me to boost memory on the phone and the cooler feature is very helpful when I use my phone a lot to cool the heat that cause of too many application’s running. With very simple, fast and accurate, clean master to be the most downloaded android cleaner.

I hope this article will help you to boost your productivity and make your android phone more useful. Give it a try and enjoy the features from every application :-)

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