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High cost of customer acquisition is one of the main reasons why new businesses fail.
Here is a collection of free forms that can be used as a way to acquire customers and reduce the costs of customer acquisition dramatically.

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  1. Direct Selling: approach and build relationships with your first 1000 customers. Use email, social networking, phone, meet with them directly and get them to sign your application. We must remember that these people are the people who are important to the growth of initiation. They are the people you know and have a personal relationship with you. Their feedback will undoubtedly have a major impact on the development of your application.

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  • Partnership: Find a company that can complement your startup and awaken mutually beneficial cooperation with them. Help the company to generate their value for you so you can enter their personal’s lists for free

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  • Piggybacking: Experience a great platform as a way to increase the number of users in your business. You can emulate Instagram to build cross-posting feature where you can post photos on Facebook and Twitter.
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  • Comments: Do a 5-10 keywords search related to your business on Google and leave a comment on the related page.
    Remember not to spam. Give qualitative responses help or advice to anyone who reads it.
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  • Think creatively: Think creatively, many new channels such as Instagram, Pinterest, and other social networks that you can use to increase the number of users.
    In Asia, maybe you might use a messaging app LINE Kakao Talk, and WeChat to increase the number of users.
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  • Blogger: Blogger is the people who are important as they usually have a great mass and also loyal. Reach out them to expand your product promotion, offering early access demo or your application to them. At least, have a good relationship with them.
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  • Networking: Go to events for the exchange of business cards and build relationships network. From here you can get a lot of opportunities. You can post a link to your website on your business cards so people can read directly to your website and get to know your product.
    In this case, it is possible for you to meet with potential investors who will help you in building your startup
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  • Sponsors: You can become a sponsor on event related to your business, offering free food or drink or other things.
    On the other hand, more people will know your business.
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